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As a self-taught artist, exploring the arts with friends, collectors and the intellectually inquisitive has been the most rewarding aspect of my life. 


Blessed with international travel as an engineer and corporate business developer, coupled with an earlier passion for ballet and performance, I have had exclusive opportunities to explore my wanderlust for creativity and the arts.


My earlier experiments as an emerging artist, up to the point of where I am producing professionally today, has been about life experiences; everything from what I have experienced and interpreted, to using my engineering skills and applying them to the media used and the realized geometric configurations of my work.  Evident in my latest exhibition, emotions brought from these experiences and the physicality of this practice are intertwined. I am continually learning and exploring while I interpret my findings onto my work.


The latest body of work, titled “Hymn to Color”, reflects on my innate love for music.  Ranging from the classical greats such as Mozart and Verdi to the flavors of today, this accompaniment reflects upon color and feelings.  My inspiration also comes from Houston; it’s diversity, it’s grounded roots in oil and gas and it’s successfully ambitious journey into the medical field.  Houston’s growing metropolis is a positive force of energy.


My creative process is an intuitive one, with no prior intent other than the limitations imposed by the media used. The execution however is a rigorous one; in particular for my latest work, where a flawless execution is a key objective, in as much as is creating objects of pure beauty and sentiment.

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